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overwhelming family problemsAnonymous005-25-2017
brother wrongfully in prison, adult son strayed and needs God to be real and a career after a foolish mistake that has left him with a record, adult daughter lost her way and in an unhealthy relationship that is destroying her life, both of my adult children have walked away from God, been beat up by the world and can't seem to find their way back. We have been unable to reach either of them. I have a teenage son that is so sweet and I am terrified because my other two were great kids too, they lost their way in college and the consequences have been so great but still they stray. My husband and I are so stressed because of all of these things we have lost each other, I am overwhelmingly sad and feel alone and we have financial problems.....
Release. Endurance. StrengthLaSonya Payne105-23-2017
I would like for you all to pray for my husband's parole hearing next year. I would like for you all to pray for my marriage. I would like for you all to pray for myself (LaSonya Payne) as well as my husband Ross Payne. Thank you.
Marriage restorationAnonymous005-17-2017
My husband and I have been separated for 2 and half months now because of somethings I said out of anger. We have now gotten to point where we are talking. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m need prayer for healing, forgiveness and restoration. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m praying my husband will come back home.
Marriage/Finances/Growing our family Sade Jay105-09-2017
Needing prayer for finances me and husband relocated out of state to establish our business and to grow our family after almost 12 years of marriage The past 6 months has been challenging with our finances it has caused alot of hurt and depression We are on the verge to losing everything We have always been the ones to pray for everyone else and help others But we are now facing diffuculties with no one to help. we are both believers and We truly need prayers for our Marriage, Finances and being able to grow our family Please lift us up in prayer Thank you
Good day mothers in the Lord.

I am currently a PhD student and committed my studies into God's care based on the promises of Proverbs 16:3. God has been faithful but i have been having a series of bad dreams, many of them involving sexual relations with unknown people. And i have been believing God for marriage and children.

Today, I just took a nap from studying at night and i had a dream where two women, appeared in the dream asking me what i was studying and in that dream i told them i was doing a research study.

As i woke up i did not feel good about the dream.

Please pray for and with me for God our Father to remove every obstacles from my way in my studies and marriage and for me to complete my studies in the set time to successful completion.

May God bless you as you intercede for His children.
Very urgent prayer requestIrmtraut Maibach104-28-2017
Because of bad mistakes of the management I lost my job. Now I am in a very bad financial situation. It is my prayer request that the Lord helps me to get very quickly an excellent paid job (for the glory and honor of his name). I had several job interviews but I still did not get a work contract. It is my prayer request that the Lord gives me his wisdom and guidance for my job interviews and helps me very quickly to get a contract and a job.

My financial situation is extremely tough. Please pray for me that the Lord provides all the money which I need to pay all my bills. I inherited a house and if I don't get a job within the next 14 days I am in great danger of loosing this house.

I really feel that satanic forces are very much attacking my life. On 06.05.17 my car broke down. I really need a car because I live in a small village. My car is still in the repair shop. Please pray for me that my car is quickly and for a "good price" repaired and that the Lord provides the money for me which I need for the repair of the car.

Please pray for me that all satanic attacks on my life (especially on my finances, my car, my job, and my health) are totally and immediately stopped and that the Lord gives me his very strong victory over satan and that the Lord puts a very strong hedge of protection and blessings around me and sends the "right people" to me here in Germany who give me the the spiritual and practical support which I need very much at the moment and that the Lord provides for all the money and all the things which I need at the moment!

It is my prayer request that the Lord himself opens the door for the "right job" and closes all doors for the "wrong job" and that the Lord lifts up my spirits and strengthens my faith and helps me to find very strong "prayer warriors" here in Germany where I live and a loving and caring church which gives me the spiritual and practical support which I really very much need. Please pray for me that the Lord provides all the money which I need to pay all my open bills and gives me his special "financial wisdom" to spend the money which I have very wisely according to his will. God bless you and your ministry!

Protection, Guidance, DiscernmentAnonymous104-18-2017
spiritual strength and discernment in my spiritual warfare. I\\\'m a pastor\\\'s wife and I need strength to shield me from attacks of church people with the Cora, Absolum, and Jezebel spirits.
I've examined my life. I bear not fruit of the spirit and have concluded that I never had a relationship with Jesus. I want to be saved and would never want to hear the words to depart from Him. At this point I am feeling very lost, empty, without hope and purpose. I want a personal and real relationship with Jesus. I want to love others. Joy and peace is something I\'ve seen in others and I am very jealous for it. Please pray for me however you are moved to pray. Thank you.
Child CustodyAnonymous104-07-2017
Mother trying to get home visits in her home , Prayer that God will allow the judge to continue to favor my husband and I (Christians) in the child custody case and that home visits in an ungodly home WILL NOT be awarded that the visits will continue as they were. We go back to court in Nov and we have asked and believe God for FULL PERMANENT CUSTODY
Marriage reconciliation julie endersbee204-06-2017
My spouse is seeking a divorce after 20 years of marriage. Praying the Lord will speak truth to him about his decision to break up our family. Praying for the Lord's will be done. Praying that whatever God's sovereign will is, that I will be content with His answer. Praying for healing of my broken heart. Praying for my two teen daughters for His protection over them.