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General Fritz Kochs003-24-2017
Please would you pray for my girlfriend Aida and myself Fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to god\'s plan and is a huge testimonial

Please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

Thank you

God bless
Needed Good TransportationAnonymous003-22-2017
My plan relocated back Dallas, Texas and I would like to be bless with decent transportation...
Father heal our woundsJilian Rose003-20-2017
Fast & pray. Heavenly father have mercy-grace on us, me, daughter & husband, forgive all our sins, deliver us from devil’s chain, heal our mind-body-soul. Break my husband\\\'s heart completely. Remove his stony-evil heart. Destroy all evil plans. Keep my daughter healthy-happy, help her in study-exam, give her wisdom-knowledge, protect us from all evil-infection-illness, provide me finance, protect me at my job place, hide identity, IJN Amen
Prayer for Simone's Mom (Diagnosed with Cancer)Anonymous003-13-2017
Body of Believers, Please cover Simone's mother (who has just been diagnosed with cancer) heavily in prAYER and that healing may be her portion in accordance to the scripture. Thank you,

emotional healingAnonymous003-11-2017
Although I have a loving,supportive husband I am constantly \"hunted\" by what if and thoughts of insecurity in the area of my marriage
A godly marriage Anonymous003-07-2017
Asking for prayer for my marriage. Spending more time with my husband and better communication between the both of us
Prayers for our FatherLydia Garcia003-01-2017
Please pray for me I might have cancer in my breasts, a job that I love, step daughter future God fearing husband,in Jesus name.
Daughter(Shakira)Rona deal202-28-2017
My daughter has been gone since Sunday. No call or text. She has an issue with drugs and she was born with sickle cell disease. I really need prayer for every area of her life. Thanks in advance for your prayer.
My life has been turned upside doenMonica Smith402-28-2017
My situation started 4 years ago,? I left my foreclosed townhouse before God said go listening to so called friends. Me and my daughter moved to an apartment leaving her Dad in the townhouse rent free for 3 years. I lost my job of 15 years in April 2015. I finally got a temporary job with ExxonMobil which was suppose to end June 2017. Today is my last day (February 28th). I was evicted from my apartment February 8th, I couldn't afford month to month of $1475 and the complete wouldn't renew my leases. I'm being sued $5219.00 from the apartment complex some of the items are for a leaking pipe , carpet items and a few more items . These are items I wasn't aware I was responsible for. I have been living hotel to hotel and in my car. I don't know how much more I can bare. Please pray in agreement with me that God will turn this mess around.
In his name, Monica smith
I am sending a prayer for a friend sister who has lupus. Please pray for her health, strength in her spirit to fight along side God to heal. May you bless her and her family, In Jesus name Amen.