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Prayer for strength Thelma Jackson004-17-2018
Please pray for me. I have been in the ministry for 21 years. Married 31 years. My husband pastor a small family church. Where there has been division in the church against for 21 years. I told my mother in law we could not afford to buy her a dress that cost 150 at that time. She said she would never deal with me again. That\'s 28 years ago. So she along with her sisters and daughters has caused devision against me in the church. The church only have about 12 members after 21 years. My husband refuse to confront. He said he dont want his family to be mad with him. I told him I dont want God to be mad with me. He said it\'s my job to follow my husband. I told him I have no problem following my husband as he follow Christ. Not his mom sisters aunts and brothers.

Please pray for me.

Thank you.
I am DoneAnonymous304-10-2018
I've been praying for my marriage for over 29 years. I read books, etc. I realize that GOD is not going to answer the prayer for this marriage. We\'re more like house mates. Saturday I saw him looking longingly at an old flame (he thought I didn\'t see), & today he gave a waitress a complement on her perfume. I wear the same perfume, I NEVER get compliments on my smell, my dress, etc. I can\'t pray anymore. I just can\'t....
Husband in prisonAnonymous303-14-2018
Hi. My husband has been a pastor for over 20 years. He was arrested over a year ago. He is in prison. He now understands the absolute brokenness he was facing and the events that led to his crimes. None of this is an excuse. However, God uses the broken and we are all broken. Maybe a family of ministers knows this better than everyone else. A pastor's wife said it to me the best way, "We tend to take pastors out of humanity." We often expect perfection from them. And, yes, while we are called to a higher amount of maturity and accountability, we are still only human.

The summer after my husband was arrested, our middle child (age 24) started dating her best friend. A month later, they were engaged and 18 days later married. Two days later pregnant. So, our first grandchild is due in May. The wedding was so quick mostly because our oldest daughter was going back to China (now age 26) as a missionary. The wedding was a week before she left. We have a son who turned 21 since his dad was arrested.

I walked my daughter down the isle. Our oldest was the best woman and we all planned the wedding in lightening time - honestly wondering what takes people so long to plan weddings. My son's band did the music. They had a worship set before the vows began. It was an amazing experience. We have some photos of us talking with Dad through out the day on my cell phone. That he was documented there was a blessing. In addition, they plan to have a larger wedding celebration once he gets out.

In September, my mom had her 4th hospital stay last year. They finally decided to replace a valve and remove the tumors in her heart. They came back sarcoma. An extraordinarily rare cancer when in the heart. They did genetic testing and found out that the tumors in her liver were the heart liver metastasized making her cancer stage 4. Her surgeon said she would have died the next day if she hadn't had that surgery. She was inpatient from the end of August until early October. I moved here over Labor Day Weekend. Chemo has now failed. She's on a last final hope chemo but not tolerating it well. She is on the lowest dose because the next dose up was making her sleep all day and really, why be alive if you are sleeping all day? She has 1-5 months to live at best.

Our granddaughter will be her first great grand child. Hadassah Grace. We are hoping Mom will get to see her but, she has experienced a bunch of joy just knowing that Haddie is on the way! So, that's great! Mom is still a pre-Christian. God has told me she will be saved. So, I'm not freaking out about that part.

We homeschooled our children. Our daughters graduated college cum laude. Our son is active in his band and they will release an album this summer. He's even played with Remedy Drive and will play with them again this summer.

Our family is exceedingly close. Closer than any family I've ever seen. Our 5 favorite people lived in our house! Our son in law says we function as a brood. Our son lives with our daughter and son in law. I'm out of state with my mom. I haven't lived in my hometown for 28 years. Reestablishing relationships here is interesting and not always easy. However, God is my constant companion!

We have forgiven my husband and CAN'T WAIT to be reunited! He has repented. He is forgiven and he's restored. Now the only thing that remains is for us to be reunited and restored as a family. Please join us in praying for a miracle and for my husband to be free.

My precious pregnant daughter is now talking to me while she is running through Aldi. I have an amazing, spectacular life! I LOVE my life! This has been by far the worst year of my life and strangely, the best year of my life! God is SO GOOD!!!

So, as a pastor's wife, I need prayer. Our family needs prayer and especially my husband needs prayer. If there is any way you are able to minister to me in my special circumstances I would greatly appreciate it! If you know of any ministries to families of pastors who have fallen, I'd appreciate a referral.

Many blessings,

Broken marriageAnonymous103-08-2018
My husband and I have been married for 33 years and a few weeks ago he told me he doesn\\\\\\\'t want to be married anymore and is going to leave . I personally started noticing behavior changes and things that just didn\\\\\\\'t seem right and asked him what\\\\\\\'s going on he said nothing I just want to do what I want and be alone . His behavior kept hurting me so I asked him to leave for my mental well being so he moved out on Sunday evening . I haven\\\\\\\'t had any contact with him and I am so sad and miss him dearly. Please pray he returns to the Lord and comes back . I want my husband Vince back . I want my family back together I miss him and wany.him home

Restoration of my marriageFreda Stewart-Lasley202-03-2018
My husband Owen walked out on me over a year ago. I haven't heard from him nor have I seen him. In October of 2017 he sent divorce papers to me stating restoration failed, how can something fail when he hasn't tried to restore the marriage. I feel he only married me to get him through some rough spots in his life and when he got his head above water he was ready to leave. He was due to come into some money and he didn't want to share, I helped him with so much, but being his wife I didn't mind. He took my genuine love for him for weakness. He has a very controlling and selfish spirit. I want our marriage to work.He doesn't want to admit when he is wrong and he had allowed pride to stand in his way.
Waiting patiently and expectantly on my Husband.
FamilyDarlene Winningham102-02-2018
Please pray for my family salvation healing restoration success prlsperity and GODS ne done in and through us!! Me and my family will live and not die to declare the mighty works of ALMIHHTY GOD!!
Marriage Failure due to husband addiction porn/adulteryAnonymous202-02-2018
My 24 yr marriage has been destroyed. I truly need a miracle adultery/ porn/ sexual promiscuity / lies/ lack of communication . Presently separated. He attended every mans battle conference but still no communication between us. I’m overwhelmed I’m a RN, veteran working full time care taker for my mom with Alzheimer’s/Dementia/blind full care. My adopted daughter 21 yr old diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder making horrible choices in her life with men & sexual promiscuity. Looking for love in all the wrong places & has had STDs 2x. Lying to guys that she is pregnant trying to trap them . My home is falling apart. Huge Spiritual Warfare I can’t do this alone. I feel jesus is not hearing /listening to my prayers. Please pray with me flood the heavens I truly need help & yes I’m praying.. sad to say I started drinking again . Yes I go to church asked for help from Pastor & he said he can only do counseling counseling with both of us. How can we do counseling when there is no trust and such lack of communication we don’t even talk. TY for your ministry love & prayers.
Healing and DeliveranceAnonymous101-28-2018
Please pray for the deliverance, healing, and protection of my daughter Lauren from all satanic influences.
Open doors. Opportunities. Wisdom. Strong desire To operate in the Will of God. Inspiration and motivation to complete my projects. Solid Health and Energy. Strength. For all generational curses, soul ties, and for struggle to be taken away from me. To be retested and restored better than I was at my best and for God to expand my territory so that I will not have to borrow again.