Under Construction Pt. 2

By Lois Evans

Now that we are in the midst of the reality of the changes with our city construction, when I drive the same path the rerouting process changes every day, because in order to get to completion of the project, they keep working on new areas from time to time. That is a part of the process.

I have to pay close attention every time I use this usual route, because they might be on a new part of the process of construction and I will notice the changes happening around me, that are now affecting my actions and reactions. Once on my usual route to run some errands I was surprised that the detour that I had gotten used to had changed again. I must admit that I was frustrated with the change, because I did not factor in enough time to get to my destination and to keep my schedule.

So, on this particular part of the detour I had to slow down because the change I was familiar with had changed again in a matter of weeks. I had to slow down because the people in front of me had slowed down; the new path was unfamiliar to all of us. I had to resolve in my mind that this change will happen regularly until the process is over. I have to factor in more time into my day, if I am going to go that route, because a change is happening. I have to accept and have confidence in the fact that the city planner knows what the finished product is and the benefit it will be to the residents. I need to readjust my schedule, expectations, and my plans.

Now I leave earlier, put my head phones on so I can enjoy music or the reading of the Bible apps. Other times, I thank the Lord for the stillness so I can see things that I have overlooked because I have hurried by this area many other times. In the stillness I can meditate, pray, and learn to accept that the city planners are not going to redesign the project for me and the other frustrated citizens who cannot see the finished project. The only way to deal with change in your life and ministry is to change and adjust to the planner of our lives and ministry. He does have a better plan.