Caring For Yourself As You Care For Others

Reengaging the Flock

Pursuing Your Passion Project While Serving in Ministry

Together in Ministry

Building Community in a Pandemic

Legacy from the Kitchen: Live Cooking Show

Made to Thrive

Serving Together in Ministry

Seasons of a Woman’s Life

Thriving in Every Season:
Holiday Edition

Concert of Prayer

White Bible Ceremony

The Real View

Lois Evans and Friends

Pastors’ Wives Thrive

Developing a Women’s Ministry

17 thoughts on “Lois Evans Live”

  1. Excellent message from Crystal on Women’s Ministry! It was so helpful and allowed me to see more clearly the direction God is leading me. God bless both of you, and the ministries that God has called you to!

  2. I’m excited about this website. Love and prayers go out to you and your beautiful family sister Lois Evans. Thank you for sharing your gifts from God with all of us. ❤️🙏🏽

    1. Chevalier Mcknight

      I just found this website and I was so blessed by the videos. I am a pastors wife is this page still functioning

  3. LaShaundra McGhee

    Thoroughly enjoyed Pastors” Wives Thrive. Jada Edwards mentioned a book that speaks about the 3 primary spirits in churches, please provide the title. Thanks.

  4. This is my first time looking at Lois Evans.com and I am so amazed with the Pastor Wives segment. I am a older women who has been married for 3 years to a Senior Pastor and the information has given me so much insight and understanding. Thank you so much Lois for you love for women.

  5. Thank you for continuing with this network of pastors wives. Such a wonderful way to honor a wonderful Woman’s legacy–Lady Lois Evans.
    Are you considering the cruise at some later date?

    1. We may entertain the idea of the cruise at a later date, but there are not any current plans to host a PWM cruise.

  6. I am engaged to marry a Pastor, our wedding date is set for early July. I started transitioning to his church, singing praise and worship occassionally, but recently felt that it may have been a mistake. Should I wait to join his church until after we’re married?

  7. Augustina Jackson

    I am glad to be a partaker of Late Lois Evans’ ministry and I know for surety that she is resting with the Lord. Lois Evans used her last days to leave a legacy that will impact lots
    of younger women in life and ministry. I wish more of her kind will emerge to continue from where she stopped. Please let this ministry not die with her. My love to the Evans family.

  8. Seasons of a Woman’s Life video (youtube ) has blessed me in such a way. I’m in a place of change, healing, and rediscovering of self after 50. I just love how gentle and wise Lois was in her message. The other ladies gracefully, poured out wisdom that has encouraged my heart as well. This morning, was a perfect time that God used her to minister to every place that I feel hurt or broken. I had forgotten that this is just a season that I’m in and this too will pass. Thanks so much…I’m forever grateful.

  9. Tariska O. Burrell

    The Evans’ family is such an inspiration to me. I am a follower of Dr. Tony Evans and really not acquainted with his lovely wife until she passed away. The Lord is allowing me to realize how much of wealth in wisdom this lady had! I am so glad to finally be acquainted with her I am learning so much from her. The love and respect she had for Dr. Tony is so encouraging! He had the same love and respect for her. The love for their children (all) is a blessing as well. I can go on and on about this family that represents the Lord to the world! Thank you Jesus for each one of them..

  10. Carrie Etienne-McCollum

    I’m so thankful I found this site. Thank you for your offering that you chose to offer freely and open to all (kinda the same thing there 😉☺️). I ask the Lord of Heaven’s Armies to bless all those within and all those touched by this ministry, by His own Hand, by His Power, for His Will to be accomplished in the uniting, growing, healing, restoring, strengthening, equipping, training His Church! Thank You Jesus for Your grate Offering, thank You Father for Your Amazing Grace, and thank You my greatest Friend for Your willingness to dwell amongst and within Your Body, diligently doing Your work! 💗

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