Lois Evans

Founder of the Pastors’ Wives Ministry and former Senior Vice President of The Urban Alternative.

Lois was married for nearly 50 years to her favorite pastor/teacher and best friend, Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. She has four children (Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony, Jr., and Jonathan), thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Desperate for Jesus: The Promise event. Friday, July 23rd at 7PM CT and Saturday, July 24th 9am CT. Join hosts Chrystal Evans Hurst and Priscilla Shirer.
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Here’s Hope for Your Hurts

Thankfully, we do not have to walk through pain, loss, trauma and and worry alone. God wants to be our comforter, walking alongside us even on the darkest of days. As a thank you for your generous gift, we will send you the Coming to the Comforter CD and MP3 series and the new Hope for the Hurting book.  (For a gift of $75 or more, we’ll also include the new Bible study.)

Coming to the Comforter CD series and new book Hope for the Hurting

Moments with Lois & Friends

Meredith Sheppard
Moment 8

Unwrapping the Gift of Rest

Featuring Meredith Sheppard.
Are you struggling to get the rest you need as a busy pastor’s wife? Listen in as Meredith Sheppard helps us understand and value the gift of rest.

Moment 7

Confronting Life’s Challenges

Featuring Dr. Melissa Jones
Regardless of how we feel at any given time, we were built with the storms in mind.

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This Season Has My Purpose

In this life, we will all go through seasons. Some we will enjoy more than others. Seasons mean change. Some changes are anticipated and welcomed while others are not. Change is inevitable and is guaranteed to come our way at some …
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Featured Book

Leading and Loving It

Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson offer a support system to help women make connections to get the encouragement that sustains them and become equipped for the ministry God has called them to pursue. They give readers tools for understanding that external pressures and expectations are only important if they fall in line with what God intends for your life and ministry and they give answers for how to deal with criticism, isolation, finding your personal calling, and what happens when you reach a place of burn-out, and more.

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