Alone With Nothing

Alone With Nothing!

By Shundria Riddick

I’ve been going to my local coffee shop to write. I have a place at home but there have been instances when I can’t use it. Why? My children seem to need all of my attention when I’m working.  All of it! You know how it is. I can loudly call their names and not get an answer. I can search the entire house when I’m needing them to do something. BUT, when I need to get something done all by myself,  suddenly they all appear.

So today I get an opportunity to actually sit and write out my thoughts. I’m so excited. How often do I actually get this uninterrupted time of writing?

How cool am I? I have it all together. I have everything I need.
Coffee? Check.

Computer? Check.

Books? Check.

Colorful pens and highliters? Check

I am ready!

One problem.

I have no idea about what I’m writing.
I have nothing!

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