Do You Have the Right Perspective

Do You Have the Right Perspective?

When the economic downturn hit our nation a few years ago, I noticed how my calendar started to have fewer and fewer speaking engagements on it. A lot of churches were curtailing their events due to the added pressure of the economy, and as a result, I had a lot more free time than normal. I had two ways of looking at this situation. I could view it with discouragement because I wasn’t able to minister as much as I wanted to. Or I could view it as God clearing the channel—removing the distractions and interruptions on the line—so that I could enjoy sweet time in His presence. I chose to view it through God’s perspective of His desire for me to be close to Him.

God often uses detours in our life to point us in the direction He wants us to go. Having the correct perspective on life and its situations helps us to make the most of those times rather than waste them.