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TOTAL DIVINE HEALINGAnonymous008-14-2018
Please agree with me for Total healing manifestation IN JESUS HOLY NAME for my daughter of a skin condition, THAT WHOLENESS IS MADE KNOWN IN HER BODY IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Thank you and Blessing Always IN JESUS HOLY NAME, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN.
daughter katarina, 20 , suicidal. julia, niece, 19, on wrong path. please pray for everyone.
My ex husband and I were trying to get things together after 2 years he cousin always talked about his high school sweetheart, he went to Georgia after 28 years he didn\\\\\\\'t see her he ha an affair with her and then left my home and started living with her now he is jail for all kinds of things...Its hard for me to forgive although I know that I have too
Bouniful Blessings for DaVidaAnonymous007-25-2018
Almighty God bless her goings & comings-in due course she may soar like a wise eagle. Thank you Lord!
Heart of a childAdiana Pierre107-23-2018
Good morning
I am praying for God to use my children's prayer to minister to every children all over the world.Also I am in the process of moving from one city to the next and I am asking God's perfect will to be done concerning employment, housing, transportation and great school for my children.
Job/ healthAnonymous107-22-2018
My husband has just lost his job for the 3rd time in 10ys. He is struggling with some health issues that are due to intense stress for so long. We have just relocated from AK to ID for his job and now he has lost it. We just bought a home and now finances are extremely weak. I can't possibly pay it all with my job. Our hearts are to be in ministry but doors just do not seem to open. We have been out of ministry for 16 yrs now and never intended to be out, but that is where we find ourselves. Please pray for provision and God's direction but just as importantly, pray for peace of heart and mind for both of us, especially myself. I struggle with fear and depression in these times. I am just weary of this same struggle over and over.
Prayers for daughter for healing from accident Anonymous207-19-2018
July 19, 2018

I thank you in advance for intercessory prayer. I have two praying requests.

My daughter (Va'Nechia Marie).

My daughter has sciatica pain in her back, from a prior hit and run accident. She recently (week half ago) was on her way to airport, came off freeway at stop sign and was rear ended. After seeing her dr, she diagnosed having neck spasms as well as pain. Fortunately, not worse than what could been, and the person that hit her has insurance, however, her recovery from this is my main concern.

Please lift her up for complete healing and restoration of her body and her emotional state of mind as well.

Also, myself, as I am going through the passing of my mother (2/2016), father (2/2018), niece and aunt (both 5/2018), as well as dealing with the entire probate of my aunt's estate. My aunt was 93 yrs, her husband predeceased her, they never had children, all the siblings now passed.

However, my aunt had a niece in'law (via her deceased husband's brothers daughter) her name is Barbara (she is 80 yrs old), and her son (Andre @ 55yrs) both allowed family on their side to stay in my aunts home, for the funeral, and allowed the people to take belongings out my aunts house, In addition, Barbara took upon herself to withdraw all my aunt's life savings from her bank account. My dad was my aunts care giver, until he became ill two years ago, (he passed 5 months ago). After my dad passed, due to me living out of state, my aunt added Barbara name on her bank account to only sign checks for her behalf - not to withdraw any funds), however, after my aunt passed away, Barbara withdrew all the money.

I have retained an attorney we are seeking legal action after the probate goes through for my being able to obtain Administrator of estate.

I am asking prayer in this whole matter that God will impart His will and favor that there will be justice done that will honor my aunt's memory.

In Jesus mighty name....

Thank you very much,
Daughter is very sick I am asking God to speak a word of healing in Jesus name
HealingConnie Reed107-19-2018
I developed a voice disorder that keeps me from speaking clearly and I have a lot of fear and anxiety. I want freedom from this. Thank you
my co workerAnonymous107-19-2018
please pray that she will be truthful and show her intentions....I have dubbed our office Backstabbers University ! ! I pray for myself to be kind to her daily.