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When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
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Fresh Start Anonymous208-22-2020
After being married for 21 yrs, my husband has just filed for divorce. We both love God and are praying for God's will for us. Please help us pray for God's direction for our lives. I love my husband very much but he feels different. All I know is to cling to God like never before. I'm so sorry that I am having to write this but we are afraid of telling our Pastor or anyone else what is happening. Thank you.
I am begging you. Please pray for my family. A year ago we were a strong Christian family. Everything is so different now. Unless God does a miracle, this week I will lose another child. Satan is picking them off one by one. My heart is shredded. All I can do now is pray and just keep taking the next step forward. I am very weak. I pray most of the night and get very little sleep some nights. I am in a very dark place. I still have my faith and my hope in Jesus. Please pray for my family. Please pray for my two daughters that are making very bad choices.
I would like to get married. I am 62 years old.,Victoria Woodley208-05-2020
I would like to get married.
Desperately Need GodErica Peoples108-03-2020
I'm requesting prayer for God's divine intervention in my life. For years I've been severely abused, physically, verbally, sexually (rape) and traumatized by it. A lot of people have taken it lightly. I don't feel love from anywhere, not even from God. I've been publicly raped, even by officers, and no one helped me. I have a life story that is unheard of and I've gone uncared for. Please pray for me. I'm hurting everyday and a lot of my abuse was in the church. And these people are not remorseful. I've been raped in the church, physically assaulted, publicly humiliated, many times over and I don't see any purpose for my life. I've been seeking answers from God and God's intervention. Thanks
Marriage and enemies Kea Lawson207-26-2020
My request is for my marriage. I want to break the curse of divorce that’s on my family but my husband has children before me that are young and their mothers continue to come against me and our marriage. Now they have started using the children to say that I have mistreated them. I have never and will never mistreat a child. But using the children is making me want to walk away. The enemy is winnning. I don’t want to keep fighting this. I have given it to God but they still keep coming for me. Their names are Symone Turner, Kaneisha walker, Courtney Williams. Please pray that the Lord removes the enemy and allow my marriage to be happy and everlasting
Pray that God removes jacks pride and arrogance and blinders. Pray that He gives Jack a new love, tenderness and kindness for me. Pray that God saves us from divorce, which He hates. Pray that I honor God in this marriage no matter the pain or cost. Pray for protection for my kids. Pray that the anxiety in our house would cease and we would trust God alone and not our feelings or circumstances . Beg God for a miracle. Only He can do this.
Salvation and Healing Anonymous107-17-2020
Please pray for my sister-in-law for salvation and miracle healing as her left lung and heart are not functioning properly
my sonSheryl Estersproctor107-13-2020
my prayer request is the Lord would draw my son nigh unto Him, change his heart. That my son would surrender his life to Christ Jesus
Finances Crystal Vines107-09-2020
Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night
My marriage Elizabeth Perez106-29-2020
I believe in the power of prayer. I have 4 children, 2 have special needs. I have been married for 23 years. I have been faithful to my husband and the lord. Our marriage is going through some rough emotions and intimacy issues no infidelity to my knowledge, maybe visual ( videos on the internet) if I can put it in descent terms that his intimacy interest with these videos and self pleasures have put a damper in our marriage. He can’t preform like the way he used to because I suspected something was not right. He did confess to me but I think of all these years of self pleasures he has done some psychological and physical damage to himself., and I asked my husband to pray and seek the lord for help, he responded with the most hurtful response, he said that prayer will not work and God is too busy to hear what we are going through in our marriage with especially when we are going through a pandemic and other people need his help, he has no idea how powerful our savior is. He is here to guide us in our time of need regardless what is going on in the outside world . I grew up knowing the word of our savior Jesus Christ, he does believe but does not act in his word of the scriptures. We are not in the same level as far as having a spiritual foundation in our marriage or in our home. He believes in Jesus Christ but to an extent. I send him sermons of Dr. Evans to listen too, having missionaries come over our home and teach the gospel to him, but he has no interest in it, he has his own belief, he believes he doesn’t need to go to church, pray individually and as a family . The lord knows how I do my best to have my home and our lives feel the Holy Spirit. Our marriage the intimacy is gone, not through my part but his, he said he can’t promise me that connection every time we try. I lean on our savior for prayer. I believe in a time like this we are going through, we should be connected even more. We have friends and loved ones that have been effected by this horrific virus. But no light has shed upon him. He has had life and death situations and still no Awakening to our Savior. He said it’s not me but him and he will seek medical help, which is good, but I believe he needs to repent, be reborn, he did not grow up in a home with a strong spiritual foundation. The lord knows I’m trying my best to keep my family together, but I may have to do what’s best for me and move on. I know a wife should never give up but to what extent do I keep going. I’m about to get my real estate license and I know our savior has Great plan for me ahead. I know it will not be an easy transition for after all these years together but I have to do what is best for me. I can’t help him, I could only be his emotional support, with or without us being together. I told him he is my best friend and I will be there but I can’t be in a marriage with so much confusion and only hurting myself emotionally, and that not healthy. Please pray for us and our family. I’m going through medical issues myself that what brought upon an injury at a department store. Please pray for my children for what ever decision I make, I hope the lord approves my decision and continues to bless me and my children. I put the trust and my faith into the lord and wait patiently for my answers. Thank you!