The Shalom of the Lord

I have been overwhelmed with the full meaning of the word shalom this year. It has been a rhema word that has brought me great comfort in 2018. I want to share my insights with you so that you too might experience the fullness of shalom this Christmas and as you begin 2019.

Through the centuries, the meaning of shalom has been diluted and is now usually interpreted as “peace.” Shalom does mean peace, but it also means so much more.

Shalom encompasses all the characteristics of God. His protection, His righteousness, His justice, His unfailing love, His forgiveness, His holiness, His protection and yes, His peace as well. Shalom is everything that is inherent in the one God and everything He planned for His children. The root of the Hebrew word shalom means wholeness, completion, wellness and perfection. When we have the shalom of the Lord, we experience these in abundance.

So, during this busy time, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, take time to marvel at the wonderful miracle of a Child being born and a Son being given (Isaiah 9:6). Express your thankfulness for a Son who offers the shalom of the Lord as a free gift to all who believe.

Do not allow this rushed and sometimes overwhelming season to fill you with worry and anxiety. Instead, practice the discipline of finding a quiet place to be alone, pray, read Scripture and listen to encouraging worship music. This will help calm your anxiety and relieve your stress. God wants you to have a life lived to the fullest and full of His shalom.

My Christmas prayer for you is that you experience the wholeness, completion, wellness, perfection and peace He has given you as His Child.


For such a time as this,

Lois Evans