Spinning Your Own Wheels

I remember many years ago on a day when I had become ill. I had gone to see my doctor, and after arriving at the diagnosis, the doctor prescribed some medication and handed me the slip. I took it, went to the pharmacy, handed the slip to the pharmacist, got the medicine and felt a lot stronger in mere days.

Our Lord prescribes a way of living for us that, if followed, gives us strength and brings joy to Him. In a sense, following God’s Word is a little like taking prescription medication when you’re sick. It serves two purposes: First, it can heal you of your particular ailment, and second, it can relieve the pain or discomfort while your body rides through the sickness.

I’ve often heard it said that with all women have going on, they just can’t afford to get sick. There’s a lot of truth to that, both physically and spiritually. Taking care of our spirits requires being constantly submersed in Scripture and committing God’s promises to heart. It requires ongoing prayer for ourselves and others. When we dedicate ourselves to following Jesus with our whole being, we create joy for Him, which Nehemiah 8 tells us is the source of our strength.