What Are Your Stones of Remembrance?

What Are Your Stones of Remembrance?

Lois Evans

Challenges in our past can hold us hostage in our present. However, God’s mighty hand in our past delivering us can bring us great encouragement as well today. It does when you choose to focus on what He did and remember His goodness in your life.

In the book of Joshua, we read that the Lord directed the Israelites at one point to have “stones of remembrances” set up designating a reminder of what He had done. The stones were to call to mind the hardships of their journey coupled with the Lord’s deliverance. For Joshua and his desert conquerors, the Lord had showed up in a mighty way!

When the Israelites summoned their courage by remembering God’s power and then surging forward, the stories of their deliverance spread. Their enemies dissolved before them, and the Hebrew children conquered the land that the Lord had pledged to them since Abraham’s time.

Do you have stones of remembrance or examples of God’s deliverance in your life that can encourage you during difficult times?