“Friendly” Church Members

“Friendly” Church Members

During our Live Web Event on marriage, the question was asked how we as pastors’ wives should handle a female church member’s “friendliness” toward our husbands. Susie Hawkins wrote a great article reminding us that we are our husband’s Safeguards in the ministry, recognizing these advances as potential opportunities for the enemy to disrupt God’s kingdom work.

Charisma Magazine has posted a great article on tips our husbands can do to help curtail this behavior. Read more HERE.

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  1. Happy single woman

    It’s sad that married women “in the Church’ often looked down at single ladies. What if it’s the ‘happily married man’ who is actually too ‘friendly.’ This is why many single women, even the ones in the Church, stop connecting with married women, particularly CHRISTIAN married women.

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