The Importance of Taking Time Off Together

One of the questions I get from pastors’ wives is how best to encourage their husbands to take time off to rest.

First, I think it’s important to communicate with your husband. 1 Peter 3:7 calls our husbands to dwell with us in an understanding way, and I believe that you can help your husband do that by communicating the importance of this to him. I know that it can be easy forget to communicate with our spouses because we get busy in ministry. You are both called to ministry, love serving in the ministry, and are passionate about the work you’re doing. But not making communication a priority will eventually have an effect on the health of your marriage.

When I was trying to show my husband the importance of getting away, I would take the calendar to him and suggest that we start with a week. We started off just taking a week off and going about an hour away from the church. Eventually we started taking more time off, and now my husband looks forward to our time away, in fact he plans the time away!

If you have small children and aren’t able to get away for long stretches of time, consider doing a “stay-cation”. Spend a couple of nights in a hotel in your city. Plan an activity that you both enjoy, or just stay in and get the rest you need.

Regardless of the amount of time you take off or where you go, be intentional and make a plan or it’s not going to happen.

Lois Evans