When the Sun Rises

When the Sun Rises

The burst of His glory in the early morning reminds me of who is ultimately in control of everything.

When I saw the sun rising in the morning, I thought of the magnificent God we serve.  I went right away to take a picture of this with my eye glasses, that have transitional lenses, but the power and brightness of the sunrise made me make a decision to get my full strength sun glasses so I could handle the power of the sun as it rose.  To my surprise the strength of my most powerful sunglasses could not handle the power of the sunrise.

Immediately I thought “WOW! What power our God has, and what power we have at our disposal. If we would only tap into it, it could change our lives.”  I thought of the face of His glory. How magnificent and strong it is.  The sun rises everyday because of Him. His new mercies rise everyday for us as it says in Lamentations 3:23.

Just like we take the sunrise for granted, I think I also take His power for granted in my daily realities. I tend to spend more time working things out in my own power, and not fully relying on the ultimate power source. My actions don’t always match what I really believe. We can take His power in our lives for granted. The sunrise was so bright that my best sunglasses could not handle the power of the sun as it continued to rise. When we allow God’s power to continue to rise and penetrate our spirits, we will experience His power, and His magnificent glory bursting out in our daily experiences.

I was reminded of his glory and power, that the sun rises and sets everyday in such a magnificent way, because He says so. Yet this is just a tidbit of His power and glory that made me stop to view and experience. I want to stop and experience His power and glory in my life everyday to the fullest.

It means learning to walk in the fact of our position.

Regardless of what kind of day I am having, He is the same every day. Brilliant, magnificent and ever present.  Even on overcast days, the sun still rises. We might not be able to see it but it is there, just like His constant supply of the SON being ever present in our daily lives.  Psalm 46:1 .

In this world you will have cloudy days, John 16:33, but He is still in position, He will never change His position in your life and experience. You will only realize what is constant in your life if you walk by faith believing what He said.

My Pastor says,

Faith is acting like it is so, even when it is not so, in order that it might be so, simply because God said so. @drtonyevans

Without the dark we will never see the stars @famouswomen

Lois Evans