Kay Warren Article

Joy in Challenging Seasons

An Interview with Kay Warren

Today, I’m sharing an interview between my daughter Chrystal Hurst and Kay Warren. Kay is the wife of Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

In April of 2013, Rick and Kay Warren were forever changed when their youngest child, Matthew, committed suicide. For over a year they shed tears daily. Kay shares how devastating and traumatic it was to not only grieve the loss of her son but to also see him suffering with mental illness for the majority of his life.

In this heart-gripping conversation, Kay encourages us to choose joy when happiness isn’t enough. Allowing herself to feel joy is a decision Kay has had to make over and over again.

Kay has learned that choosing joy is honoring to her late son, Matthew and to her Heavenly Father as well.

The challenge of your current season may not include loss, however, what Kay has shared will help you to believe that life can be good again. Joy is available, even in challenging seasons, for you and for me.

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