Moments in the Desert

Unwrapping the Gift of Rest

Meredith Sheppard

Featuring Meredith Sheppard

Are you struggling to get the rest you need as a busy pastor’s wife? Listen in as Meredith Sheppard helps us understand and value the gift of rest.

Moments in the Desert

I think we can all think of periods of our life that could best be described as deserts. Times when we felt trapped by our circumstances. Moments when life felt like a struggle and joy seemed elusive. I think many of us struggle with loneliness and a sense of needing deliverance during these periods. I love these words of truth about our Heavenly Father. He takes the deserts of our lives and turns them into pools of refreshing water. He brings joy and growth from the devastation we previously felt. No dry period is beyond His ability to restore…no loneliness beyond His ability to comfort…and no need for deliverance beyond His capability to make a way. Whether you experienced a desert in the past, are experiencing one now, or one lies ahead remember that our God is a God of beautiful transformations and amazing miracles. May you cling to that in faith…today and always!

He changes a desert into a pool of water and makes water flow out of dry ground.  Psalm 107:35

Rebecca Hasselbach has a passion for Jesus and this life He has given her. She enjoys sharing her love for Jesus through her role as a pastor’s wife. She loves God’s creation and enjoys spending as much time in it as possible. Rebecca also enjoys expressing herself through writing, and counts herself blessed that she gets to spend her time raising her children. To read more of Rebecca’s writing visit her blog