Rejoice. Pray. Trust.

Rejoice. Pray. Trust.

By Lois Evans

When our commitments lead us into storms, if we want to have resurrection power for today, we have to put three principles to work: R.P.T.—Rejoice, Pray, Trust. We have to speak the Word of God into the situation. In Matthew 4, during His temptation, Jesus—who wrote the Word—used the Word on Satan, and Satan had to flee. If the One who wrote the Word found it necessary to use the Word, how much more should you and I put the Word to work in our own lives?

And in order to use the Word, you have to know the Word.

Whatever the problem you face, whether at home or at work, with family or friends—or even enemies:

  • Rejoice that God has allowed you to trust Him.
  • Pray the blood of Jesus on whatever satanic powers may be at work. Pray without ceasing. You can’t always close your eyes, but you can pray without ceasing. It is your spiritual oxygen. You can’t stop breathing physically and expect to live—no oxygen produces death. In a similar sense, prayer keeps spiritual oxygen supplied to the body to keep it productive and alive.
  • Trust the One you pray to because you are praying in the name of the same Jesus who said to the sea, “Peace, be still!”

Ladies, in whatever season God has you in today, rejoice, pray, and trust. He’s got you covered if you will turn to Him for your source of strength.

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  1. Today is the day that I needed those encouraging words. Thank you thank you thank you. May GOD continue to bless you so you can bless others.

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