Essentials for Pastors Wives

Essentials for New Pastors’ Wives

by Lisa Clay

Q: I’ve only been a pastor’s wife for 6 months. What do I need to know most?

A: Your personal spiritual walk with God is the most important priority in your life. Let nothing interfere with that! Second to that is your commitment to your husband as a man, to be there for him as a wife and not simply a partner in ministry. Third, never, ever, ever sacrifice your children to the ministry. You are a mom second to being a wife. Those kids are THE most important fruit of your ministry. Period.

Become a praying woman, my dear one. Pray over your husband, your marriage, your children, and your own life’s purpose. Develop the habit of bringing your loved ones to Christ daily, and your burdens to Christ daily as well. That will help you survive and thrive in tough times.

Don’t give up when times get rough. This calling is not for the faint of heart. Dig in, and understand there will be moments when evil has its day. God will see you through to victory, even when it seems He will not, or He is taking far too much time coming to your rescue. I wrote a chapter in the book “Jesus and You,” (Gospel Publishing House) that talks about injustice and how to handle it. I would highly recommend you read that if you are in full time ministry.

Stay away from anything that has to do with immorality. It is poison, and will kill your life, marriage and ministry.

3 thoughts on “Essentials for New Pastors’ Wives”

  1. Wow, I enjoyed this post thoroughly. I’ve been a Pastors Wife for 6 years and this was still a great reminder for me. Keep these posts coming.

  2. I have been a Pastor’s wife for one month. My husband was recently elected Pastor of the church, and I am having a hard time understanding my roles. I am also getting used to having him as pastor and husband, changes in our time together, and interacting with the congregation. This post has been helpful with giving me a starting point. Please keep me in your prayers as I move forward in this level of ministry.

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