Expectations of a Pastor’s Wife

By: Kathy Strandquist

Q: The “pastor’s wife” role scares me because I feel it brings a lot of expectation and people think you are perfect. How do I keep the rightperspective and do what God has called me to do in the midst of my own expectations and God’s? What does God expect from me as a “pastor’s wife”?

A: God expects you to be “HIS”; a daughter who loves to spend time with her Father. He expects you to be you; expressing your own unique personality, the one he placed within you. He expects you to be real; a daughter of his whose character and life is under construction, being shaped through the help of the Holy Spirit into the image of Jesus Christ. In other words, you are in the same boat as everyone else in that you are in process and will make mistakes. He expects you to be willing; to serve him in places and with people who touch your heart with their needs. Minister in places where you have a passion to make a difference. Leave the pretense, perfection, and “super-pastor’s wife” to someone else.

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