Praying with Confidence

Praying with Confidence

By Lois Evans

How can you pray with the confidence you’ll hear from God? The apostle John says there is a direct correlation between our abiding relationship with Christ and productive prayer (John 15:7). That means the closer we are to Him, the more we’ll hear from Him.

This principle was clearly illustrated to me recently when my granddaughter came to me with a list of requests. She stated her needs and said, “Okay, Nonny!” and marched off to play. She didn’t want to know which one of her requests I was going to fulfill. She just trusted me to know which request would be in her best interest. It was all based on the wonderful relationship we have that allowed her to have such confidence.

I learned a life-changing lesson from my granddaughter about the confidence you and I can have in our heavenly Father. The number of requests He answers is directly related to our relationship with Him (Psalm 37:4). Our heavenly Father wants us to bring Him our requests, trusting He knows which ones are best to grant and which ones are not. It’s my prayer that your relationship with God would be so intimate that you fully trust Him to make the right moves in your life!

Let’s talk about it:

Do you pray with confidence trusting that God hears you and will answer?

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