Seeking God: A Woman's Devotional Life

Seeking God: A Woman’s Devotional Life

By Lois Evans

Mary … was listening to the Lord’s word, seated at His feet.  Luke 10:39

Mary of Bethany was one sister in the Lord who knew how to keep her life in spiritual balance. Mary was the willing worshiper, the person who would rather sit at Jesus’ feet and hear from Him than eat or do anything else. She understood something that we women need to keep coming back to today: A woman’s spiritual life is the anchor that holds all of life in place and keeps her from drifting away.

When a woman fears the Lord —- when her spiritual priorities are in place and she integrates God into every area of her life —- she discovers something wonderful. She discovers within herself a well of strength, joy, and peace that will never run dry. When a woman is vitally connected to Christ, He renews her strength and her spirit day by day.

So the question we need to ask is, what must we as women do to keep our “first love” (see Rev. 2:4) for the Lord fresh?

The first thing we must do to keep our love for God fresh is not let anything take the place of our daily time in His presence. A vibrant disciplined devotional life is essential if you want to stay close to the Lord and be in a position to receive His strength each day. It’s so easy for us to let life’s daily demands slip in between us and the Savior. Before long, we are like Martha, sweating and fuming over our tasks while Jesus Himself is in the next room, waiting to meet with us.

If you find yourself tempted to let your time alone with God slip by because of pressing duties, hear what Jesus told Martha. It is better to do less for Him if that’s what it takes to have more intimacy with Him.

Let’s talk about it:

How do you keep your relationship with God a priority in spite of the many distractions of life?

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