In challenging seasons trust that God is present and presiding. An article by Mary Diggs

Managing Challenging Seasons

I have a good friend who has a saying, “Everybody has STUFF!” That’s her way of saying each of us has our own set of challenges. It’s usually her response when we learn of a friend or an acquaintance who’s going through a challenging season in life. Let’s face it, many people we interact with daily are dealing with “STUFF” that we have no clue about. If you think you’re the only one navigating through life’s difficulties, just take your focus off yourself for a moment. When you look around, you’ll see a whole world filled with people trying to manage the vicissitudes of life the best way they know how. We’d be wise to extend them grace. The same grace we so desperately need.



As a pastor’s wife for 20 years, I have over and over again, seen people search for means of fulfilling themselves. I find it truly heartbreaking to watch.

You Are a Child of the King

You Are a Child of the King

The story has been told of the Queen of England attending a banquet with her daughter. Several hours into the evening, the Queen’s daughter began to get bored, and started to slump in her seat. 

What's in Your Hand

What’s in Your Hand

Friend, do you ever feel like you are in an obscure place, living off in the middle of nowhere, or anonymously dwelling in a crowd, with no particular gifts or talents?

Taking the Next Step

Taking the Next Step

A lot of what God wants to do in your life won’t be done until you do what He has already revealed to you. When my children were growing up, I always told them to do what they knew to do right then if they didn’t know what to do next; and to leave the rest to God.